Thursday, December 9, 2010

Alaina-19...She reminded me of old town New York. A lot of Fashionistas are TRYING to pull this look off but very seldom do I see them get it right. I like the pattern on her top and I LOVE how she made the black accents all over. The bag stands out because of its texture and color and just puts the icing on the cake. Thanks Alaina!!!

Rocker Glam!!! Her name is Martina and she's 25..I love her whole ensemble. Some girls miss the mark by not having their top cover the middle section( you follow me?) Lol..but the length is perfect! I love how she matched the red flats with her lipstick.You can't see her bag but it's gold studded all over including the strap. Great job Doll face:)

Okay, I know you guys are sick of seeing her but THIS girl hits it every time. Check out her tights, yes they're slashed! She could have done more with her scarf but she's still fab. See ya next time Yuri!!!

This is my friend Lupita. She always dresses cute. In this pic her bag is suuuper fab. Her jacket could have been a diff color to make the matchy-matchy go away but she still gets 10 from me;)