Monday, November 29, 2010

Told you guys it was cold out there. Lol....I like her pea coat as well. It looks a little long but it's only because she is so tiny. It actually wrapped around almost ALL the way around her tummy. But it was keeping her warm, it was made out of cotton.(I wonder what it would look like in tweed? Hmm..)I like the bunchy though. So fab!

This couple were too dope together. I don't like long pea coats but Emma gets my vote in the striped wool. Her boots she said she got from a vintage store in LA. Her sweater underneath has buttons that are roses. Her bf was ROCKIN the heck out of the blazer! He could have had a better choice on footwear but from waist up I LOVE. He mixed the patterns with his wrap scarf and his button up which showed that he isn't afraid to take chances in fashion. Good looks guys!

Morerelle..19...Okay, when I seen him I had a fashion orgasm..Lol..this man oooozed fabulous! Check out the cuffs...That's actually a red button up I think. I love how he made them show right under his jacket. He has a fly sweater vest on as well. He killed it!! And I didn't even make him pose, perfect definition of individuality:) Love it!!!!

Today is super cold and I thought there weren't going to be any inspiration. Boy was I WRONG!!

Arisa 20....I love her whole ensemble. I like how she mixed the short shorts with a thick legging. And it had prints! Her boots had cute little buckles on the side which I thought would have been better if they were gold. The length of her pea coat is perfect, not too long.(Ugh! hate those long peacoats). Great job Arisa!!